How to make a coupon book for boyfriend

Go through some old photo albums or browse the old photos on your laptop.

Remember the moments in the pictures and pick your top 5 favorite photos from that night. Pick a list of date night questions like this one and have fun answering them! Go somewhere nice for the weekend and just focus on each other! Be a tourist in your own city! Find an online trivia game and compete to see who gets more correct answers! Each partner prepares a little surprise for the other one.

The surprise must be used during the date to make things more fun.

Create fun & romantic love coupons. Personalize each page with ease.

Make a list of things to search for and go on a scavenger hunt in the house or in the neighborhood. Pick something interesting to create together: Buy some puzzle games and challenge each other to see who finishes the puzzles quicker.

If You're Broke, Gift Your Partner A Love Coupon

Or buy a very big puzzle and solve it together. There are 36 ideas included in our love coupon book so we plan to have 3 dates every month.

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I plan to schedule the at-home date during the week, after Bogdan falls asleep. And I plan to schedule the rest of them during the weekend, when we have more time to spend together. I will write updates on the blog as we try all these date ideas to share with you our experiences.

Printable love coupon book

All the 36 date cards are included in the Happy Dates Kit. You can find out more details about the kit and download the date cards using the below link. Did You Make This? Pin Share 7. You Might Also Like Chocolate Truffles 3 ingredients! The best of Previous Post.

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Older comments. Lucy Arredondo wrote:. Thank you so much for everything you have done is so cute.

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I just love this. These free, printable love coupons contain coupons for breakfast in bed, movie night, candle-lit dinner, foot rub, and a back massage as well as plenty of blank coupons where you can add your own. Print these cute free, printable love coupons templates and then fill in your own sweet favor for your loved one. Mommy by Day Crafter by Night has created a lovely download of free printable love coupons which you can print out and then put together in a booklet. There are pre-made love coupons here for a romantic dinner, date to the movies, date for ice cream, massage, breakfast in bed, and a sports game, as well as plenty of blank love coupons for you to fill in.

You can download and print the love coupon cover books as well as the coupons that you can make out for anything you think the recipient would like. These adorable love coupons from The Country Chic Cottage come in purple, pink, and coral colors. All of them are left blank so you can fill in your own ideas. What Moms Love has designed three different love coupon books for Christmas, Hanukkah, and birthdays.

Printable Love Coupon Book

These love coupons are designed to be given to children and include coupons for movie theater tickets, extra screen time, staying up late, dessert after breakfast, and more. There's a printable cover for your coupons as well as decorative coupons where you write in the favor. These are some simple printable love coupons in a pretty pink color that come from PrintablePartyKits. Print as many of the love coupons as you want and fill in who gets the coupon and what it's for.

Boutique by Design has created a whole page of colorful love coupons that are just for the kids. They come in pink, blue, green, and orange.

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  • One year of date ideas for happy couples: A love coupon book for parents.